Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church
Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hints for a happy preschool experience

  1. Label all belongings with your child’s name.
  2. Pack a labeled bottle/sippy cup for your baby/toddler.
  3. Alert teachers of any food allergies, special needs, or health concerns.
  4. Release your child quickly to their teacher and assure him/her you will return soon. Long delays make separating more difficult for everyone.
  5. Bring an extra diaper so we can make sure your preschooler is nice and clean upon your return.
  6. Bring an extra change of clothes in case your little one has an accident and needs to be changed.
  7. Upon the recommendation of the Committee on Control of Infections Disease of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not be placed in a childcare setting when any of the following conditions exist: vomiting or diarrhea, any unexplained rash, cloudy or green runny noses or persistent cough, any communicable diseases, had a fever in the last for 24 hours (must be fever free, without fever reducing medications, for 24 hours prior to returning to class.)
Adhering to this policy is important in protecting the health of all children and teachers in the preschool department. Please note that we are unable to administer any kind of medication to your child.