Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Our Counselor

Wake Cross Roads currently has one counselor on staff.  To learn more about Pastor Mike Mallett click here. 
As a full time Pastor and because WCR believes that counseling is a vital part of its ministry focus, Pastor Mike's counseling services are free of charge and designed to help you discover and implement God’s answers to personal and relational problems. Although his main area of expertise is in relationships and marriage counseling, he also helps with many other issues. If, after an initial consultation or two, he is unable to assist you, Pastor Mike will gladly make a referral to another biblical counselor in our area.
Four convictions that underline our counseling ministry:
  1. We present the Lord Jesus Christ as the crucified, risen Savior who, through his Word and his Spirit, can help us handle our personal and relational problems.  Jesus alone provides the forgiving mercy (through his saving death and resurrection), the wisdom (in his Word) and the power (through his Spirit) we need for daily living.
  2. We use the Bible as our main tool to diagnose, explain and solve our problems.  As God’s Word, the Bible provides true, thorough, authoritative and sufficient guidance for every life situation we face, and it is infinitely superior to all human wisdom. Other great resources will also be used as needed to help practically apply the biblical principles you learn
  3. We reflect the love, concern and compassion of Jesus our Shepherd and Counselor.  Biblical counseling is a caring process marked by Christ-like love.
  4. We seek thorough and lasting godly change by addressing both the inward and outward issues of our problems.  Biblical counseling is not shallow, superficial or simplistic.  Scripture alone uncovers and solves both our heart (beliefs and motives) and our behavior (words and actions) struggles
All of this means that in Jesus Christ and his provisions there are powerful, abundant, and life changing answers for every problem you face.  There is real help and hope for you today! 

Contact Pastor Mike confidentially by clicking here OR by filling out the form below to make an appointment and to receive the necessary forms before your first consultation. 
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