Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Curious Kids

Has your child been asking questions about God, Baptism, Heaven, Hell, Lord's Supper? At Wake Cross Roads we want to help parents answer these questions according to the Scriptures in a kid friendly way. If you feel your child is ready to take the step towards a personal relationship with Christ we'd love to rejoice with you. WCR seeks to ensure any child that desires baptism understand the reason for baptism and the life-long impact it has on their life.  Before a child is baptized, a WCR staff member will meet with the parents and child to talk about their decision to follow Christ. WCR will then provide materials to parents that they can work through with their child that will help answer these and other questions a new believer might have. Upon completion of the materials, the parents and child will meet with a WCR staff member and discuss baptism.
If you have question concerning this process or other questions your child may have about following Christ, please contact our Preschool Director or Children's Pastor.