About WCR



Dr. Randy Mann

Lead Pastor



Dr. Jeff Gordon

Executive & Discipleship Pastor



Brandon Walls

Student & College Pastor




Wayland Holden


Dave Wakefield


Kenny Goetze


Dr. Mike Lawson


Wayne Jenks



Shannon Caffee

Office Administrator



Holly Wade

Children's Ministry Director



Louann Pittman

The Creator's Kids

Weekday Preschool Director



Ben Brannon

Director of Worship and Connections Ministries



Jonathan Vaughan

Audiovisual Director



Bethany Leszczewski

Communications Director



Rodney Harris

Facilities Manager



WCR exists to make disciples who: 


Worship God,

Connect with others, and

Reach our neighbors and the nations.



We want every follower of Jesus at WCR to live a life of Worshipping God. That begins with daily personal worship through time in God’s Word and prayer, and continues as we gather to worship together on Sunday mornings at 11am. When we gather, we worship through singing, giving of offerings, giving of time and talents in serving, and giving our obedience as we hear God’s Word through preaching and respond to Him by faith.


God didn’t save us in isolation from one another but into a Body – the Body of Christ, the Church. We, therefore, want every follower of Jesus at WCR Connecting with One Another for the purposes of fellowship, encouragement, accountability, and biblical community. Discipleship growth happens as we walk together in these ways, and that then prepares us for, and launches us out, for mission!


Jesus said to those who would follow Him, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt. 4:19) Because Jesus saves us to send us out, we want to see every follower of Jesus at WCR intentionally engaged in Reaching our Neighbors and the Nations with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through personal sharing from day to day, church-wide outreach in our community, and mission trips across the country and around the world.


We are a Southern Baptist Church and therefore affirm

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.  


Our church has adopted bylaws as our articles of governance, to be interpreted at all times to reflect the character of and bring glory to Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Bible and articulated in the standards set forth in the church’s Statement of Faith.


Founded in 1789, we are the oldest Baptist church in Wake County.


Formally constituted as the Baptist Church of Christ at Crossroads, there were 53 charter members at the first meeting on August 20, 1789. In these earlier days, church services were held once a month in a building of logs, weather permitting. Members south of the Neuse River crossed by Rogers ferry, and the church paid ferry fees for members from 1795 until a bridge was built in 1822.


We have been supporting missionaries since 1807, and have helped plant a number of churches in the area, including Rolesville Baptist, Hepzibah Baptist, and New Hope Baptist. We are excited to see what God has done with our church over the past 200+ years and what He will continue to do in the future!