WCR Kids Music

Beginning September 11!


We want every member at WCR following Jesus by Worshiping, Connecting, and Reaching. WCR Kids Music is a weekly opportunity to train our children to be fully equipped worshipers! It is an intentional way to help children ages 3 years old through 5th grade to grow in their understanding and practice of worship. This is not only important in the lives of our kids, but also our church. They will be better prepared to be congregational worshipers, as well as possibly serve on our Student Worship Team or Sunday morning Worship Team in the future.


Sunday nights from 6-7:30pm from September through May, children will participate in a variety of fun activities to facilitate growth in singing and basic music theory, while also incorporating Scriptural truths and hymn study. The children will also have periodic opportunities throughout the school year to lead in worship on Sunday morning.


You do not have to be a member/regular attender of WCR to participate in WCR Kids Music, however we do request that you plan to attend worship at WCR on the Sunday mornings when your child is scheduled to lead in worship. This will be no more than twice per semester.